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About Us

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GaragePro is a team of friendly professionals committed to creating the perfect customized storage solution and complete remodeling for your garage.

We specialize in performing complete garage makeovers, adding wide variety of services such as : clean-out and organization, custom garage cabinetry, overheads, car lifts, high quality epoxy flooring, garage doors, lighting, and many more.

Our service area includes Palm Beach County, Broward County, Dade County and surrounding areas. We provide free, no-obligation in home garage design consultation as a service to homeowners, and we strive to provide the best customer service in the industry.

We enjoy long lasting relationships with many of our customers who return to upgrade existing solutions or who require fresh ideas for their new home.

We look forward to hearing from you.

We see people take great pride in their homes –organizing, decorating and showing off various rooms of their house.

It’s sad that garage is usually the forgotten room of the home. Everyone is avoiding showing off a garage, because it’s usually in an embarrassing shape.

We looked around, and almost everywhere we saw garages packed with all kinds of junk, with the car parked outside on the street. Almost every neighborhood has the same picture.

The idea that drove us into a garage remodeling business was to help people transform their garage, and use it in an organized fashion. We continue following the same principle ever since!

“Garage should be a truly unique, beautiful, and multi-functional place and indispensable extension of every household”.
GaragePro team