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Garage Work Benches - GaragePro Florida

Business Hours: Monday to Saturday - 8am to 6pm

Organizing and storage

GaragePro is your One Stop Shop for complete garage organization and storage solution. Our paneling system lines your garage walls perfectly, giving you a finished look. It will create an entire room of potential storage space. Our high quality paneling can give you all-around beauty and endless flexibility to move, add or change the storage layout.

GaragePro offers an extensive range of garage work bench options that are integrated with the storage system design.

GaragePro can provide garage work benches with open shelving under, tool drawers, and overhead cabinets. Connect garage work benches to side cabinets, metal pegboard and the full tool drawer range.

There isn’t a garage work bench requirement that we can’t cater for. We’ve fitted many different workshops, from home garages to industrial premises.

Contact us today to discuss your work bench requirements.

Stop parking your car outside while storing your mostly useless “stuff” in the garage! LOOK UP and envision a new deck hovering over your car hood holding all that stuff on the garage floor! Coolers, seasonal decorations, extra household supplies, records and even kayaks can fit on an overhead rack.

Our overhead garage storage units are off the ground and come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. With these shapes and sizes, you can fully customize your overhead garage storing units so that you can better organize your belongings.